Give a dog a home

Stray dogs taken to the local council pound have just seven days to be reunited with their families before they are either rehomed or put to sleep.

More dogs than ever are being euthanised, many simply because there is nowhere for them to go. We want to save as many of these dogs as possible and find them loving, forever homes.

We’re looking for our forever home…

Throw us a bone

Pawprints is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers. This means that all money donated to Pawprints goes directly towards helping our day-to-day operations continue and ensure we can continue to save the dogs who desperately need our help.

If you would like to help us continue our work and can donate a little to our rescue pot, then every gesture is greatly appreciated.

Latest news and events

Adoption Day for Max

All i wanted in life was a home, lots of love, human company, lots of walks, to sleep on a human bed, food, a ball to be thrown, cuddles and tummy tickles.  Well i have done well and managed to tick everything on my list. The slaves have done well and managed to get...

Adoption Day for Snoop

Snoop here, just to let everyone know i have been adopted. I have a new mum and dad and am loving my new home, i have a new big bed and lots and toys and i enjoy collecting all my toys and taking them to bed with me.  I love my walks and love cuddling my mum on the...

Adoption Day for Storm

Girls just want to have fun.... and that is exactly what i am doing now i have been adopted.  I have a great new mum and sister who love me lots already and we love our girls nights in. We have been on some nice days out and i met a horse and a donkey the other day...