Did you know that you can help Pawprints dog Rescue every time you shop for your own pets at Pets at Home? By signing up for a VIP card you can nominate Pawprints Dog Rescue to receive Pets at Home Lifelines. The lifelines are converted in to vouchers which are then given to Pawprints to spend on items in store.
This is the last shop we did – as you can see the Lifelines can pay for specialist foods which suit those with delicate tummies, need additional calories due to neglect or recovering from surgery.
If we can use Lifelines it provides us to use valuable ‘cash’ to spend on ever increasing Vets and utility bills.
It costs nothing to sign up for VIP card and Lifelines and it can also give you money off the items you spend on your pets. Just ask for a form next time you’re in store or join online. https://cloud.digital.petsathome.com/vip