Nutella is currently in foster waiting to find his forever home.
Big day out for the big fella today and he didn’t disappoint.
2 weeks ago he was ‘difficult’ when out walking, didn’t enjoy going in the car, would redirect onto his lead when a person, dog, bird or cat (basically anything that moved) was in view, but whilst we are still working on the ‘cat issue’ he has come on so well with everything else.
Today we visited National Trust – Charlecote Park, we saw lots of people, children, dogs and dear and he was such a good boy (better than some of the other dogs we saw).
We also got to see PDR dog Larry and his mum
We then went for a walk around Dobbies where he got a new chew toy. We also saw PDR Sox’s (sadly over rainbow bridge now) mum and dad (who apparently needed his ear washing ????)
We have been working so hard on his concentration on me rather than other triggers and I was so proud of him today. (See video in comments)
Nutella has some separation anxiety, probably not helped by being left by his ‘loving’ family tied up to Warwick racecourse.
He is progressing really well in this area and is now happy being left for a couple of hours in the kitchen when we are in other parts of the house.
Next area of training is calm play with other dogs and working on the separation anxiety when we leave the house.
Well done Nutella, foster mum and dad are very proud of you. ????