First aid training – Malcolm Freeman from Rugby Round Table, Jackie Hadley from RoSA and Trisha Shaw from Pawprints treat ‘patient’ Helen Preston from RoSA.

LIFE-SAVING skills have been given to Rugby-based charities.

Rugby Round Table funded first aid training for volunteers from Pawprints Dog Rescue and rape and sexual abuse support charity RoSA.

A volunteer from each charity was given a day of training so they can offer first aid.

Pawprints opted for Trisha Shaw, who spends a lot of time helping at its shop on Albert Street and is a trustee for the charity, which rescues stray dogs from council pound death row.

A spokeswoman for the charity said: “We were delighted to be one of the two charities selected by the Round Table and are grateful for their support.

“Trisha is at most events run by us and spends a great deal of time at the charity shop and will, therefore, be of benefit to the town centre as well as at events.”…/life-saving-skills-taught-to…/