**Sally says the world’s gone crazy and as she is a Mally, she is actually an expert in crazy**

She also wants to remind you to enter our latest raffle draw for the chance to #win our amazing chocolate hamper. It won’t solve the world’s problems, but she senses some humans stress levels go down when they eat #Chocolate

**Sally the Mally is exceptionally intelligent** She’d have written this herself but her toes are currently covered in mud.

**Simply text CHOCAHOLIC to 70215 and follow the instructions! Texts cost standard text rate message**

Hamper will need to be collected from Rugby.

Draw will take place on 31st March so make sure you get your entries in quick!

Good Luck!!

Sally sends a big ?

Note: ** these are actually Sallys words **
Like we said…she’s very, very clever.

**And pretty mwah**