Hello Pawprints! When my new mum came to take me home, I was a bit reluctant to leave all my friends, but I am having such a fantastic time, I want you all to come and visit to see what fun it is – I’ve got a HUGE garden and love to practice my zoomies by racing through the shrubbery and in and out of the trees – you’ve got to try it!! (all hoomans run for cover – tee hee!) I have cuddles on tap, fab food and the most amazing treats (Scottish Salmon tails – I kid you not! ?) plus lots of comfy beds and sofas to loll about on. The best bit is lying across my new mum and pinning her to the sofa so she can’t get up – such a comfy lap to rest my weary head after a day’s adventures. Suddenly life is exciting again! Thank you Pawprints for rescuing me and finding me such a happy and loving home. Luv Vivienne ❤️