Since arriving at Pawprints Dog Rescue i have been working really hard on gaining my confidence around humans as i find them all a bit scary.  I have been waiting very patiently for my humans to find me but because of how nervous i can be unfortunately i struggled to find the perfect home.

Whilst getting settled into rescue life many times i have heard the humans talking of another dog very similar to me who was very lucky and not only found his confidence but also found his humans.  A couple of weeks ago i was really lucky and i got to meet him, his name is Finley and he came to play with me with his dad.  We had such a great time and i loved running around with him, our play date ended and i so hoped for another one.

I was over the moon when i found out he was coming back for another play date and this time he brought his mum and she was so kind and gentle with me i let my guard down and went off for a nice walk with her, i think this shocked everyone as i would not normally be confident when i don’t know someone.

So….. this post says ‘Adoption Day for Weasley’ so i guess you know where this is heading, Finley and his humans fell in love with me and decided that i would make the perfect addition to their family and decided to adopt me.  I am so happy in my new home, Finley is teaching me how to be a dog, my confidence is gaining daily and i have a great new mum and dad who love me lots.  So i am now officially adopted and here i am with my new big brother, lots of love and licks Weasley. x