I arrived at Pawprints last year and shared a kennel with my friend Izzy. One day Izzy left for her forever home. Little did I know that Izzy’s new mum kept looking at Pawprints Facebook to see how I was getting on. Six months later I was woken up by Kathryn and taken out to the paddock (on a very cold day – rude!!). What a surprise! There was Izzy waiting for me, we remembered each other and had a wag and a run together. Guess what?? I was taken home to live with Izzy as a Foster brother. However, my mum fell in love with me and refused to think of a future without me. I have my own forever family with my best friend Izzy. My paws are well and truly under the table here. Lots of lovely sniffy walks, sardines for a treat on Sunday and a big comfy bed in mums room. At Easter I had my first holiday at the seaside. We stayed in a caravan which was great fun. Mum said that we were stars because we behaved so well. Mum says that when I dream in my sleep I make a noise like a zebra! RUDE!! Hopefully I will see the Pawprints slaves again at an event soon. I am happy. I am loved. I am home. Lots of licks Tejay xx

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