Like Mrs M, I too came in with massive ear problems but mine were in such a state that the operation was bigger. However, I did not let that get me down, not once! I know I may look a bit odd now, I don’t have an ear flap any more, let alone a canal with boats in it! I do have a small hole where it all used to be, so my hearing is just as good as it used to be! I never once cried, moaned or whimpered. I am told I am such a brave boy! I wear that badge with pride. The best thing happened though, while I was going through all of this treatment, I met someone! It was absolutely love at first sight and she came to see me as often as she could. Then one day, she couldn’t resist my charms and took me away with her! I have to share her with her husband, but he is happy with that arrangement and he has a comfy lap so all is good! So if you see the most handsome staffy in the world, with just one ear…..come and say hello to me!

Love to the whole world, Smithy