Hi I’m Scamp & was adopted by Judy & Chris, they sent my adoption post over a before xmas but the slaves at All as prints have been a bit busy so have only just posted it….

it’s only just been over a week & I’m still trying to find my feet, my new home is cosy, I have a new basket which is lovely but I’m still a bit unsure & like to sleep with my new mum & dad in their big bed, but I do sit in it sometimes, I do feel confident enough to be a little cheeky like giving them the doey eyes whenever they are eating & it works, sometimes, but that’s only because, my mum says, that I need to put on some weight, I like to snuggle up to mum on the sofa when she’s watching the strange thing in the corner of the room, I watch it too because there’s movement on it, but I can’t figure out what the interest is, mum says that I’m a very cute dog & gives me lots of hugs, I’m still learning about what is expected of me, but mum says that I’ll get there as it’s still early days.  Lots of Love and Licks Scamp. x