Hi –this is Rascal – just to tell you about my adventures in my new home. It’s a lot different from a racing track and kennels – I have 3 sofas and an armchair to choose where to sleep. I have learnt that the warmest place to lie down is on the mat in front of the Aga – just so I can make cooking more difficult for my mum! I have a great garden with lots of toilet facilities with about 20 large trees and plenty of squirrels to chase up them! I have made friends with cocker spaniel Tommy who sometimes comes to see me and we have great games together. My very best trick was to learn to climb the stairs – which was very exciting, but then I was too scared to come down, even when Tommy tried to teach me I still was too scared – so now they have this thing called a stair gate, so I can’t go up anymore and be frightened. I’m looking forward to lots more adventures in the summer. Lots of Love & Licks Rascal. x