Hello everyone. It’s Dotty here, formerly known as Poppy. I’ve been with my new humans, Ben and Sarah, for just over two weeks now and I’m positive they love me already.
Ben and Sarah tell me I’m a very smart dog. They have given me the “treat tornado” game to test my brain and my nose – I win every time!
My humans like to take me for walks around my new neighbourhood, and we even hop in the car to go out for countryside walks too. They tell me I’m very good in the car and on the lead (unless I see a squirrel!).
Ben and Sarah seem to know I need my space sometimes. I’ve found my favourite quiet spot at the bottom of the stairs. But I am spending more time with them now as they seem quite calm and they are very good at scratching my ears. I especially like being with them in the garden because they throw me the tennis ball, and they don’t seem to mind that I’ve destroyed a few already.
I am grateful for everyone at Pawprints for helping me to find my forever home. ?

Lots of Love and Licks Poppy