Hello, it’s me Sophie (aka Phoebe); I just wanted to let you know that I am settling in well at my new home. My servants still have some training to do but they are fast learners  I’ve started to show mummy how fast I can run in the house and how high I can jump. My view is why walk when you can run and why run when you can fly. I have met a tall dark and handsome Greyhound now and we can run very fast together in a nice secure field, that is so much fun. I may need to explain to my mum that a 7ft sofa maybe isn’t quite big enough for the two of us but I’ll see how things go on that. Well gotta go it’s time to take my mummy out for a walk and then have my tea. Bye every one and have a Happy New Year. I know I will. Big wags Sophie?❤️?