Hello! Finn here (but you knew me as Neville). I’ve been at my new home for nearly 2 weeks now, and I have settled in really well. My humans keep saying that I’ve been a very good boy. I have a comfy bed to sleep in, and I have nearly worked out how to organise my legs in it. I’ve enjoyed exploring my new garden, snuffling around all of the plants, and have found a favourite place to lie in the shade. I’ve also been on lots of nice walks and have seen some exciting new things. My new family love me to bits, and I have had loads of fuss, hugs and treats. I think I’m beginning to train them to my ways. I have been given some fun toys to play with, and love my squeaky hedgehog – especially at bedtime – it makes a great noise! Have to go now. I think it’s time to roll over and have a nap with my legs in the air. Much love, Finn x