Hi humans, my name is Wilson! People used to call me Mr Magoo but I requested a more handsome name, and I learnt it in only 24 hours…

I’m a very clever boy, my humans tell me so. I have been having the best time ever! During the week I sometimes go to work with my mum who’s a vet, everyone is always so excited to see me, it’s so much fun! I love it there, they give me so many treats and toys. And then some days I go to work with my dad who’s a farmer. I get to run around as much as I like which is my favourite thing to do. That and roll in cow poo, but that resulted in a bath, I don’t know why cos I thought I smelt beautiful! Even my collie friend Gwen thought so too.

The weekends are spent running around the countryside, jumping in streams and playing with my ball. I love my tennis ball. I’m honestly having the best time ever. My rescuers at pawprints saw me recently and said how I used to be so nervous around people, and saw how I love all my humans now.

Thank you Pawprints for looking after me and making me a very happy dog, you guys are the best ?