Moose here just putting up a post as i have the most amazing news, I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED….  A lovely couple came to visit me the other day, i took them for a walk in the field and showed them how i like to walk, run and sniff.  We had a bit of a chat about me and what a good boy i am.

I knew they had already fallen for my charms but i showed them how nicely i walked on the lead and how i could sit for a treat, they had brought some special treats for me so i just kept sitting for them and then i got even more, they were responding well to training which is always good on the first day, i could see they had potential but alas all this training was tiring them and as we did not want to overdo it so i decided it was time to let them go, I watched as they got in their moving kennel and left.  A couple of days later they returned for what i thought was day 2 of training but things were not going to plan as they put me in the moving kennel and we left the slaves that had been looking after me, i was a little sad at first but when they told me i was going to my new home and that they were now my new slaves i was over the moon.  I now have my own home, humans, bed and toys and i ham the happiest boy in the world.  Thanks for looking after me, lots of love and licks Moose (the little dog with the biggest ears).