Well the naughty little monkey only went and found herself a loving home with a new mum and dad.  Whilst i was at Pawprints Dog Rescue i was not always the most well behaved pup and often got myself into mischief by climbing over and under things, digging, jumping and generally doing everything i shouldn’t.  Even though i wanted to be a good girl it was so much more fun to be cheeky and i hoped that my behaviour would not put anyone off wanting to adopt me.

While a couple of weeks a ago some lovely humans came to visit me and fell in love with me and saw past my mischievous ways an decided they wanted to be my new mum and dad.  My new home is lovely, i have my own bed, food bowl, toys, collar and lead and i have a huge garden to run around in.  I am now a very happy girl and will do my best to behave myself.  Love lots love and licks Matilda. x