What can I say about this beautiful little girl? When we initially met Lucy Lou, she was excited to meet our dog Kirby, previously rescued from Pawprints also. They would begin to bond by playing in the paddock, we did this for a few weeks. Over time, this developed and we decided to foster Lucy, to see how she would respond to living in a house with a family and a dog. She adapted very quickly, she would spend hours investigating, finding new toys and resting places, if something made her jump, she would seek reassurance from Kirby. Within a couple of weeks, Lucy Lou was running up and down the stairs, helping me make their dinner (stealing chicken where she could, cheeky monkey). She taught Kirby how to chew plants in the garden, and Kirby taught Lucy how to dig, they even began a daily ritual of musical dinner bowls at feeding time, which they still do habitually. Kirby is surprised to see how much Lucy loves zoomies too, and is especially mesmerised when they happen indoors. They quickly became very cute, but troublesome double act. Lucy trusted Kirby quite early on, and our bond with Kirby helped Lucy trust us also. It was clear from the early days that Lucy is a very inquisitive and intelligent girl. Fast forward to today, three months later, we are so blessed this loving and affectionate little girl has chosen to trust us as her forever family. She no longer needs Kirby’s reassurance at home and loves cuddles, itches, massage, kisses, any kind of fuss and attention she laps it up! She is still somewhat wary of strangers, however, if Kirby seeks someone’s attention, Lucy is more confident too. Lucy’s legs are still too short to scratch her belly, which is so endearing, as is her happiness, she wears her heart on her sleeve, as when Lucy is happy, everyone knows it, her gorgeous tail swoops around, ears flopped down and she bounces like Tigger. Lucy gets very excited every day over two things; welcoming us home from work, town, even down from the shower, and seeing other dogs on our walks, she will jump in the air, run in and out of our legs. Lucy loves to be snuggled, especially by smoothing hands around her face, and scratch her ears, then repeat until she moves away (after about 5 mins, when your hands are falling off), then she might like a ticked tummy, while she rolls around like a cat. The sofas are Lucy’s personal trampolines, and she flies between the two effortlessly, it’s stunning to see! Everyday, we count ourselves lucky that she has chosen us as her forever family. I hope we can provide her with all the love and attention she could ever want or need for the rest of her days. She is absolutely charming and we all feel grateful and proud of her in equal measures! We cannot thank Pawprints enough for all the work they put into their dogs. They do wonderful work everyday with the animals they rescue, and are truly selfless and generous, warm hearted family. Adoption is definitely the way to go when looking for a dog. We would always recommend Pawprints to anyone who may be considering the process,. They are fully supportive before, during and even after the adoption itself. We are very grateful to Kathryn for trusting us to help Lucy flourish, and we hope we live up to her expectation.

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