Hi I am Lionel. I am a cheeky chap, and enjoy getting upto mischief. I love watching both two legged and four legged beings and can sit for ages just watching the world go by. I enjoy my new company and my other four legged friend seems to enjoy having me around, and I think we will become good buddies. I spend most of my time in the countryside and I am seeing lots of things I haven’t seen before, but my two legged carers are helping me gain more confidence as i am very inquisitive and if i say so myself very clever. I have heard my two legged carers say how much they enjoy my personality and they cuddle me a lot. I often fall asleep on their laps after a good walk and food. I think I even heard them say they will look at how they can stimulate my cleverness and exuberance even more in time. Its really lovely when I hear my new family say to each other that they are so happy and thrilled that I have came into their lives.

Lots of Love and Licks Lionel. x