Hello, my name is Kirby. I was recently adopted by my new mummy, daddy and my new siblings. I am adjusting to life as a pet really well after retiring from greyhound racing. My new world is very different, I love investigating the smells and sounds around me, and love cuddling up on the sofa. My favourite thing in the world is cuddles, I let my family give me lots of fuss, they say I am the most cuddly and loving dog they have ever known! I have learnt so much and everyone is proud of me for learning how to walk up and down stairs. I had lots of reassurance, fuss and chicken to help me, now I am a pro and do it all the time. My mummy says I am like Goldilocks, because I am always finding new resting spots around the house and garden. Daddy calls me shadow, as I like to hide and boo him, I also follow him around a lot too. I have found my favourite space in the garden to re-dig and sit in, luckily the plants have been moved… they were tickling my face! We go on lots of walks and I am really getting to know my area now. We are still working on my road sense and table manners, as I am quite enthusiastic about everything, but I am learning every day! I want to thank everyone at Pawprints, especially Kathryn for looking after me and introducing me to my new family. I love my life as a pet and have found my forever family and home.