Hi everyone. My name’s Jake and I was with the lovely Pawprints people for 4 months before finding my new hooman family. I’ve been in my new home for 8 weeks now and am working hard at training them all so that they know what I want! My new Mum is getting really fit with all of the long walks that I like every day and then, after we both have a short nap, I get her to play ball in the garden. She says she hasn’t managed to do anything else since I arrived – well, except hoovering up my hair! I look really fun and confident but really I’m quite anxious of new things so I growl a lot and show my teeth (sometimes at the same time as wagging my tail just to confuse people), but my new family understand and give me space when I need it. I’m not allowed on the sofa but manage to sneak up there lots of times and hide my head under a cushion so no-one can see me – clever eh! I love playing tug of war with my hooman big brother because he is as bouncy as me! Last weekend my hoomans took me to a caravan near the beach and I had a FANTASTIC time running free AND I discovered the sea for the first time – scary at first but then I really enjoyed it. It also rained a lot there and my new Mum was not impressed at how much I enjoyed walking even though it was pouring! She was hoping to stay in on rainy days – no chance!!!
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