My name is Izzy. I have been in my new forever home for a few weeks. Wow, the time has flown, I feel like I have been here for much longer.
My nickname is Boop because my favourite thing to do is boop my nose on everything and leave pretty little patterns. I don’t think my human mum appreciates my art as much as I do ?
It took me a couple of days to perfect my technique for getting up and down stairs. With the help of some tasty chicken to tempt me, I am now an expert!
I have a lovely new bed but I prefer to squeeze in with mum at night for a cuddle. My favourite walk is across the fields where I meet some lovely human and doggy friends. Occasionally my human brother runs around the field with me but I am much faster than him ha ha.
My mum says that I am perfect and who am I to disagree.
Lots of tail wags and kisses to all the lovely Pawprint staff who looked after me. Thank you xx