I have not been at Pawprints Dog Rescue long but was already enjoying meeting lots of new humans and getting to play ball with them daily.  What i have found during my short stay is there is a daily routine which generally involves, sleeping, eating and playing which are the 3 best things in the world apart from cuddles.  But one morning last weekend all was not right with the ‘normal’ routine and i found myself having a bath.

Now unlike humans us dogs don’t smell bad so we don’t need a bath daily and to be honest i do not recall the last time i had one so this was all a bit of a shock for me and a little confusing but i went along with it anyway.

After my bath i waited for my morning run but this didnt happen and i was starting to think the human slaves were up to something, i waited patiently and eventually (well it was probably only 10 mins) they came and got me from my kennel and there waiting for me were my very own human family.  I know this because i met them before and they loved me sooooo much that they said they wanted to take me home but i was never actually sure it would happen but it has.

I have now been in my new home for a week and my mum is so proud of me, they say ‘they are honoured and grateful to have found me’ and i cannot be happier that i have found my new family how love me lots already.  Thankyou to everyone at Pawprints and the kennels for looking after me, lots of love and licks Harper. x