My name is Ghost (née Fletcher). I’m deaf but that hasn’t slowed me down! My Mum sometimes wonders whether I’m really deaf or my hearing is selective ?. I have been in my new home for a week and I’m making myself at home. I would eat all day if Mum and Dad let me. I have a comfy sofa I like to lay on and get my snuggles. My Dad gives the best belly rubs. I love to snooze and snore. I have a garden to potter in and I’ve annointed all my Mum’s plants with my pee. They are mine now. I love to chew. My Kong is my favourite. I like my walks and am friendly with all the other dogs and humans I meet. My Mum says I’m very clever as I’ve learned wait already. I love my daily walk so much that I do a little tap dance. I have an adorable smile that I know will get me whatever I want. Thank you to everyone at PawPrints for rescuing me and taking care of me until I found a home. I miss you all. Now time for another snooze x