Sometimes when a dog lands up in rescue, we wonder what we have done wrong.  Whilst the slaves at Pawprints always look after and love each dog its not the same as having your own family or home.  Some dogs stay longer than others and there is no reason for this except that the prefect home is not quite ready for you yet.  Well this is what happened with me, i saw other dogs come and go and was never quote sure what i was doing wrong and why no one would pick me… but then i got it.

I had to just be patient to find my perfect home and believe me it was well worth the wait, i have a new mum and dad, another dog that comes each day to play with me and a horse that lives in MY garden.  I love going out on long walks around the village, l love to run around in the garden and love my snuggles as well.  Life is great and i am now home.

Here are some pics of me on adoption day and looking stunning in my new home.

Lots of love and lick Effie