I think i was one of the lucky ones as my stay at Pawprints Dog Rescue was short and sweet.

Most dogs feel that a trip to the vets is scary and don’t like to go, but that is not what my first experience was like. I went not knowing what to expect but is was pretty much perfect as i managed to steal the heart of a very nice man who fell in love with me straight away.  A couple of days later he came to visit me again and took me home.

All was going great until i was introduced to this small strange furry thing which i understand is called a cat.  At first i thought it was just a very strange looking dog and wanted to play with it but it kept running away which i thought was strange, anyway after a few days it seems yet again my charms had worked and i had now become friends with ‘cat’.  Apparently this is a bit strange as a lot of people think sight hounds and cats can’t be friends but i am still very young and just needed an experienced human to ensure that we were introduced correctly and with a bit of early supervision we are now living very happily together.  Life if is good and i am very happy, thankyou for taking care of me Pawprints Dog Rescue and finding be a fantastic home. Lots of love and licks Edward. x

May be an image of dog and grassMay be an image of dog and grass