Hi everyone, it’s Duffy here. You won’t recognise me as my gorgeous profile didn’t even make it as far as the website! I came into kennels and met one of the slaves shortly after arriving here. Well she was completely bowled over (literally as I jumped on her head as soon as she walked in lol) by my over abundance of cuteness and I decided there and then that she was going to be mine. She bought her man to meet me and I showed him how great I was as giving kisses and snuggles and I decided that he’d make a good addition to my new family. So I’m living the life of a spoiled furbaby on a farm where there’s lots of sniffs to be had. I’ve got a large toy box all to myself and I love dragging them all out at once to play with! It does get tiring so I snooze the day away in MY king-size bed dreaming of my new family and the love and walks that I now enjoy. Lots of love and licks, Duffy (now known as Pixie) x