Life can be hard in rescue and as a young pup i was a little scared and unsure when i found myself at Pawprints Dog Rescue, but the lovely slaves made me feel very welcome and played with me and gave me lots of fuss and attention.

I wasn’t sure how long my stay in rescue would be but i was eager to please and show everyone what a good girl i could be.  Well i must of been very good as some lovely people came to see me and brought me a big Rottie to play with. We had so much fun i was exhausted at the end of our play date but loved every minute of it.  I found out he was not the humans dog but they were looking after whilst his humans went on holiday.  I really hoped he would come back so we could play some more.

Anyway i they must of really liked me as they came back for me and told me i was adopted…i am so happy as i have now got my own humans, will have pay dates with my new best mate and best of all i have a squeaky dinosaur, life couldn’t get much better so lots of love and licks to you all Disney. X’