Sometimes life can be hard for a dog, we are not all fortunate to find our loving families as puppies and i was one of those.  I originally found myself in rescue back in 2012 when i was found wondering the streets and was not claimed by anyone.  The lovely humans at Pawprints Dog Rescue took me in showed me lots of love and care whilst finding my new home.

It was obvious i had not had the best start in life as i had scares on my face that looked like burns and i was obviously no longer wanted as no one came for me. Putting my passed behind me i went off to live with my new mum and dad and i could not of been happier, i had found my forever home and humans that loved me and things were going so well until my mum became ill and passed away leaving me and dad.  We were the best of friends but then it happened again and my dad became ill and passed away and i was all alone again and back in Rescue.

Whilst i knew i would again get all the love and care i needed i missed my mum and dad and wondered what was going to happen to me.  Everyone was so happy when not long after coming back i found a new home but alas this home was not quite right for me and i had to come back into rescue again.  This time things took a little longer and i found myself in kennels which i was finding hard, the humans noticed i was not my normal happy self and a plea was put out for a foster home and one came up quite quickly.  My foster mum and dad were amazing and they took me to lots of new places and helped me to find my waggy tail, i loved my foster family but we knew it was not permanent and the search went on.

After a couple of months being treated like a prince in my foster home i met a lovely couple who came and played with me and gave me lots of cuddles, the humans talked about me a lot and we all went for a little walk.  My foster mum and dad then took me round to see them again at their house and it was really nice with a lovely garden to play in.  The following day we went back to the kennels which i was a bit worried about as i really did not want go back there but as we arrived i saw lots of people i know and happily washed all their faces.  Foster mum and dad explained that i was not going back with them but instead was being adopted by the lovely couple i played and had cuddles with.

I have now been in my home a week and i have run out of toes on my 2 paws counting all the exciting things we have done in those first 7 days.  I cant thank my foster mum and dad enough for all the love they showed me and for making me happy again, they are amazing humans and whilst i hoped all those years back that when i was originally adopted that it would be my forever home, things happen for a reason and i am very lucky to have met some amazing humans  a new mum and dad who have already showed me lots of love and care and i think i will be very happy with them.  So thanks to everyone who has helped me on my journey love and licks from Dexter. (aka Dexter Doodles / Mr D). X