I must admit i didn’t make it easy for my adopters because i was a very nervous girl at kennels and it took a good few weeks, lots of visits with my new family and lots of sausages and chicken for me to trust them.  I had to make sure they were completely right for me and even though i pretty much new from the beginning that i want them to adopt me i certainly made them work for my affections.  NOt only did every visit involve chicken and sausages but it also meant i got to see Percy my new best friend.

Once i thought they had done enough i let them adopt me and life doesn’t get much better.  I have a new home, a family that love me, a new brother, a massive cuddly caterpillar, i get to go out on some great walks and have even joined dad with a bit of running.  My confidence is growing and i am one happy pup, lots of love and licks Delilah. x