Hi Pawprints, Dagy here, thank you for looking after me and finding me a new home. Well I have definitely landed on my 3 feet My new hoomans are great I can get them to do anything hehe. I also have two sisters now Betty & Mia they are much younger than me so I have had to become top dog ?.
I got a lovely new bed and a new coat and when I got a tag for my collar I knew I was staying ?. I was just fostered but I won them over with my good looks and charm?. We go out for walks but as I am the oldest they carry some of the way as the other dogs walk a long way. I bet they wish they could be carried he he. I think I must be deaf they seam to be talking to me but I can’t hear anything maybe they have quiet voices, they are always waving there arms at me but I think it’s some kind of dance. I have a big garden and can go out and explore but I really like sleeping in the room that has lots of sun in it. Lots of love to you all and I will come back to see you as you must be missing me xx