Where to start! Took her about 48 hours to settle. She still has a happy to go in her crate although it’s rarely locked, just her safe space. Loves food challenges like kongs and has taken well to early training so can do sit, paw, close and we are doing clicker training. Toilet training at 90%, has the skill not always the application ?

Total softy. Also has a new walking buddy called Amy who is a friend and will occasionally look after her. Planning for our holidays next August. Eats very well! Likes drinking from any vessel that isn’t a water bowl.?‍♂️ Defo a puppy chewer of anything! Stole her Mums car keys – our putting away skills have improved infinitely. I now walk 4k before breakfast everyday. Loves cuddles. Chases and fetches balls very enthusiastically, brilliant with kids. Super inquisitive and loved by all who meet her on walks.