Well everyone, I’ve now been with my forever Mum and Dad for two weeks today – they keep saying it’s my “Gotcha Day” – goodness only knows what that means. When I first met them, they seemed quite friendly. I wee’d up Dad’s leg (oops) but he didn’t seem to mind. Kathryn was there, chatting to them, she seemed to think they were OK and she’s the best. When I first arrived at my new home, Mum and Dad walked me around this place at the back where there was green carpet and lots of flowers. I wasn’t sure about it at all. We went indoors and they let me off my lead and I explored every room – and then ran around everywhere rubbing my nose against everything, on the bed, under the pillows, on the settees, pushed the cushions onto the floor … if this was to be my new home, it needed to smell of me! Mum and Dad were laughing, so I did it all the more. There were two cosy dog beds – one in the bedroom and another in the living room and I ran into the bed in the living room and got comfy. As each day goes by,

I realize that Mum and Dad are OK and they go all silly when I give them kisses. They love my cuddles too. They’ve bought me all sorts of things to play with and they’ve bought me some things that say they are ‘food puzzle toys’ on the box, but they don’t take long to figure out as I’m very smart! Mum and Dad keep saying how lucky they are to have me in their lives – they are – but thank you Pawprints for rescuing me and finding me my forever Mum and Dad. Lot and lots of love Zac (formerly known as Chuck}