Cedric is a very busy dog and has not got time to write his adoption post so the slaves are doing this on his behalf and you will see why shortly….

Cedric came into Pawprints Dog Rescue as a 6mth old pup who had already been in his 3rd home before he arrived with us and it soon became apparent that there was nothing wrong him, he was just a very busy pup that needed a job to do… So with some help on his assessment it was time to bring in the big boys, that it we called the police.  Dont panic…. he had not done anything wrong and we didn’t want him arrested but we wanted him to get the best out of life and have a job to do.  The police came and liked what they saw and he proved himself as a great candidate to become a police dog, so off he went for training and the rest they say is history.

We are pleased to announce that Cedric passed with Merit and will now be address as Police Dog Sid, he is for filling his dream of endless play with a tennis ball and is servicing his community and protecting lives, we are so proud of him.  Well Done Cedric.

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