Things were pretty bleak for me before I arrived at Pawprints, I lived in awful conditions with my siblings until we were rescued.  Being rescued should have been the best and it was but unfortunately it was also very scary and for the first week I did nothing but hide.  As time went on I learnt to trust humans and then found myself in a fantastic foster home.

Having been in foster for about a month and learning lots of new things I met some lovely people and their dog, we went on a few walks together and I worked my magic as they then decided I was perfect and they wanted to adopt me.  I am so lucky, I have my own humans and a great furry brother to play with, life could not be better and I am so much more confident now.  I love going on walks and even love going in the car (which I used to hate). I have even had a bath and groom.

Lots of love and lick Archie

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