Hi everyone, my name is Zhara.

I really have found my four paws at this adoption house.  They are very big white paws, so i trip over them a lot.  I was fostered by a lovely family (slightly nuts i might add), mummy, daddy and two big Sisters, Alex and Leah.  I have a big garden to run around in and i have a blond hunky Labrador boyfriend (Flynn) just next door over the fence.  There is a lot of food and some treats too.  I love pate, primula cheese and frankfurters, i dribble a lot when i see these.  Sadly they also make me pass wind quite a lot too.  I am working hard to do what i am asked to do but i can be a bit ”stubborn” sometimes.  Its not always worth me moving for such a small treat.  Leonies helping my family with training tips too.

Best of all i have sooooooooo many beds.  i have 2 downstairs, but I also have 4 upstairs!  Its a hotel for dogs! I get very comfy in my beds and sometimes daddy tries to move me to go out for a wee wee but need some encouragement when i am soooo warm, comfy & dreaming of Flynn.  I take my family for walks everyday but i don’t always like the little white fluffy balls of wool on leads! i love the park best and lots of very smelly sniffs and some friends to play with too.

Once a day, after i go to the loo i feel so light and free so i charge around the house and garden for 2 minutes, i often knock things over because i get soooo excited.  Then of course i need to rest in one of my 6 beds! Choices, choices! which will i use.  In all i have found my pawfect home and today is my gotcha day – so we have been celebrating with lots more cuddles and treats.

I am a very happy doggy, Thankyou Pawprints.  Love Zhara. x