Hi it’s Teddy dog here ( previously known as Tyson ). What a week I’ve had. My new family bought me home and ever since it’s been non stop tickles , cuddles and a fair bit of tummy rubs let’s just say I’ve already got them well trained . My new family just smile all the time and call me their dream dog and they say they can’t believe their luck in being introduced to them by Kathryn the canine angel . The one they call mum is the softest one look from these old puppy dog eyes and yes I got my spot on the sofa , the bed and in her seat in the lounge ( but don’t tell her dad said it’s a secret ). The walks around here are pretty good everyone stops to say hello and I’ve made a few new buddies . I’ve put my investigation skills to good use sniffing out some good smells. All in all my new life is pretty good I’ve everything I need and so much more . Thank you Pawprints for my rescue and finding me my dream family who were happy to take a chance on an old but life loving fella . Much love and good luck to all my other rescue pals in finding your forever home.

Lots of Love and Licks Tyson