I nearly had an endless sleep
When I used my voice quite strong.
You misheard, or didn’t understand,
I was telling you somethings wrong.

I didn’t like being cornered
By the little humans see,
Or chased, picked up, or sat on,
Or passed from knee to knee.

I didn’t like their faces
Pushed up so close to mine
The noises they were making –
Screams and high pitched whines.

I tried to tell you with my tail,
My eyes, my jaw, my howl
But in the end, I used my voice
And gave a long deep growl.

My story nearly ended there
At the age of 2, I nearly died
Because you didn’t understand
I don’t know if you tried?

But now I have a new life
With those who comprehend
If I use my voice it only means
Bad things come to an end.

Thank you all at Pawprints
For not throwing in the towel
And venture forth and spread the word
To understand the growl.

From Fudge aged 2 and a half. Now ADOPTED.

Pics include his new siblings 🙂

#ladderofaggression #dontpunishthegrowl