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Adoption Day for Dagy

Hi Pawprints, Dagy here, thank you for looking after me and finding me a new home. Well I have definitely landed on my 3 feet My new hoomans are great I can get them to do anything hehe. I also have two sisters now Betty & Mia they are much younger than me so I...

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Adoption Day for Bill

"I love it in my new home. I've trained my parents well so that I get the best seat on the sofa and I've been training them with their screen time by going in for a cuddle to block their view, they've gotta learn! We go out for lovely long walks where I meet up with...

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Adoption Day for Killian

Woof! You may remember me as Killian... but there have been a lot of changes. I’ve got a new daddy, new home, new park to explore and a lovely new comfy bed - though I snuggle up with daddy every night. Finally, I’ve got a new name now, I’m Charlie! It was all very...

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Adoption Day for Sprout

I have been adopted 👏👏 my new name is Sky and I have found some lovely new dog parents that have been surprisingly easy to train. They feed me, they walk me, they play with me, I’ve been to a shop where a lady told me how pretty I was and Dad bought me lots treats to...

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Thankyou to Sainsbury’s Rugby

The very kind and thoughtful staff of Sainsburys Store in Rugby have voted to support Pawprints Dog Rescue as one of their community charities this year. Our photograph shows Store Manager Dave Crandon presenting a gift voucher for £200 to Pawprints; to use in the...

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Adoption Day for Rascal

Hi –this is Rascal – just to tell you about my adventures in my new home. It’s a lot different from a racing track and kennels – I have 3 sofas and an armchair to choose where to sleep. I have learnt that the warmest place to lie down is on the mat in front of the Aga...

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Adoption Day for Walter

Hi all Walt's here. I just wanted to let all my friends and family at Pawprints know I am doing well in my new home. My new skin mum and dad are taking good care of me, I am having a couple of walks a day to get to know the surrounding area, and pulling the girls....

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“Thank you Pawprints from Pablo and us. If you’re reading and thinking of giving a dog a forever home….PLEASE do”


“We found working with Pawprints Dog Rescue to be excellent.  The volunteers really get to know the dogs well and help the potential adopters with all aspects of adoption and care for the dog”