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Adoption Day for Jake

Hi everyone. My name’s Jake and I was with the lovely Pawprints people for 4 months before finding my new hooman family. I’ve been in my new home for 8 weeks now and am working hard at training them all so that they know what I want! My new Mum is getting really fit...

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Adoption Day for Dillie

I just wanted to tell you about me settling in to my fab new home. I love it here. I go for 3 walks a day. 3, I know, that's a lot of walking but, moma says she needs to lose weight so, I'm all for 3. I get to go swimming in the brook too which is fab. I've been so...

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Adoption Day for Bentley

I arrived at Pawprints Dog Rescue after an incident at home meant i was not able to stay there.  I was very scared and confused but the lovely slaves at the kennels helped me to settle and showed me lots of love and affection. I needed a very special home and needed a...

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Adoption Day for Edward

I think i was one of the lucky ones as my stay at Pawprints Dog Rescue was short and sweet. Most dogs feel that a trip to the vets is scary and don't like to go, but that is not what my first experience was like. I went not knowing what to expect but is was pretty...

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Adoption Day for Cedric

Cedric is a very busy dog and has not got time to write his adoption post so the slaves are doing this on his behalf and you will see why shortly.... Cedric came into Pawprints Dog Rescue as a 6mth old pup who had already been in his 3rd home before he arrived with us...

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Adoption Day for Teejay

I arrived at Pawprints last year and shared a kennel with my friend Izzy. One day Izzy left for her forever home. Little did I know that Izzy's new mum kept looking at Pawprints Facebook to see how I was getting on. Six months later I was woken up by Kathryn and taken...

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Adoption Day for Munch

Hi guys,  Munch here....So after a nervous start in kennels and not really knowing if i could trust, the slaves quickly showed me how kind and loving humans can be and soon won me round.  I enjoyed spending time with them, they even sneaked me in the staffroom at...

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Adoption Day for Dora & Bebe

Dora and Bebe as older ladies, like to sleep a lot s asked the slaves to do their adoption post. Sadly after their mum passed away these 2 golden oldies needed help finding new pawrents and came into the care of Pawprints Dog Rescue, they needed a little tlc from the...

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Adoption Day for Rupert-Bear

The Admin slaves are claiming they have been really busy lately so even though i was actually adopted a couple of months ago they have only just got around to telling everyone about it… Hi Pawprints  I was known by you as Rupert-Bear but my new pawrents swapped my...

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“Thank you Pawprints from Pablo and us. If you’re reading and thinking of giving a dog a forever home….PLEASE do”


“We found working with Pawprints Dog Rescue to be excellent.  The volunteers really get to know the dogs well and help the potential adopters with all aspects of adoption and care for the dog”