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Adoption Day for Mia

Hi, it’s Mia here though I seem to be called Mimi, meems, mio myo, amongst other things! I’ve been with my new family for just over a week and I love them so much. I have to show them how much I love them as much as I can with big licks and snuggles. My humans have...

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Adoption Day for Poppy

Hello everyone. It's Dotty here, formerly known as Poppy. I've been with my new humans, Ben and Sarah, for just over two weeks now and I'm positive they love me already. Ben and Sarah tell me I'm a very smart dog. They have given me the "treat tornado" game to test my...

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Adoption Day for Tyson

Hi it’s Teddy dog here ( previously known as Tyson ). What a week I’ve had. My new family bought me home and ever since it’s been non stop tickles , cuddles and a fair bit of tummy rubs let’s just say I’ve already got them well trained . My new family just smile all...

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Adoption Day for Prince

When I first moved to my new home I had to explore it first and find the sunniest spots in my new garden to sunbathe I found the best places to sleep comfortably normally the settee and bed where someone else was to keep me company as I hate being on my own I love...

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Adoption Day for Dottie

Hello, I am very happy in my new home. I am training them well. They have already got rid of their chair that they have had for eight years so they can sit on the sofa with me. Also, I am gradually letting them have more sleep by waking up a little later now. Finally,...

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Adoption Day for Chewie

Hi this is Queeni, AKA Chewie ,Well I’ve been in my new home for one week now and Mummy says I’m her ‘good girl’ as I’m so helpful with many tasks, like unpacking the shopping ,tidying in the garden and plumping up the cushions on the settee .  I now have a thing...

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Adoption Day for Nala Banana

A week ago I came to a live with my new family. I am happy to say they are doing really well. I have two cozy beds and my own basket of toys. I have decided to help them exercise by giving them a nudge and dropping one of my many toys at their feet. I have trained...

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Adoption Day for H

Hi, Henry here! Or some of you may know me as H. I’m loving life in my new home with my two new human friends! I go on long walks in the morning and then I get to sleep all day! I love that they both sneak me chicken when the other isn’t looking, but shhh I won’t...

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Adoption Day for Ruby & Karlie

When we first moved into our new home and met our new hoomans we were very nervous. There was so many different smells but we got lots of hugs and fuss and felt very welcome. As the days went on Karlie an I started exploring our new home. We love going out in our new...

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Adoption Day for Harebit

Hi everyone! Milo here, but you might know me as Harebit. I've settled into my new home. I think Mummy, Daddy and Claire have fallen in love me with, they call me their little man and give me lots of cuddles and kisses! It's great here, everytime they go out, they...

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“Thank you Pawprints from Pablo and us. If you’re reading and thinking of giving a dog a forever home….PLEASE do”


“We found working with Pawprints Dog Rescue to be excellent.  The volunteers really get to know the dogs well and help the potential adopters with all aspects of adoption and care for the dog”