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Grandad Thor has been adopted

If Pawprints wrote news stories they'd go something like this. *Grumpy husky spends 379 days in shelter kennels and turns into the most affectionate boy earning him the nickname "Grandad" after taking all the other rescues into his care* Thor, a 9 year old husky, was...

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Adoption Day for Onion

Day 1 post adoption in the Onion household. I need to keep these hoomans on their toes. They seemed to think I would like to sleep downstairs on my own last night? I soon put that right. This morning Mrs Hooman brought in lots of shopping and I helped myself to some...

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Pets At Homes Lifelines – Please Support Us

Did you know that you can help Pawprints dog Rescue every time you shop for your own pets at Pets at Home? By signing up for a VIP card you can nominate Pawprints Dog Rescue to receive Pets at Home Lifelines. The lifelines are converted in to vouchers which are then...

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Adoption Day for Fudge

I nearly had an endless sleepWhen I used my voice quite strong.You misheard, or didn't understand,I was telling you somethings wrong.I didn't like being corneredBy the little humans see,Or chased, picked up, or sat on,Or passed from knee to knee.I didn't like their...

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**Sally says the world's gone crazy and as she is a Mally, she is actually an expert in crazy**She also wants to remind you to enter our latest raffle draw for the chance to #win our amazing chocolate hamper. It won't solve the world's problems, but she senses some...

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Adoption Day for Bamber

We were sent this pic (1st pic) of a terrified elderly yorkie (12 years old) from one of the pounds we work with. His owner was aware he was there but failed to collect him ? We called him Bamber. Just a few weeks later, and here he is safe, comfortable and very...

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Adoption Day for Teddy

This #poetsday is brought to you from Teddy who has been #adopted and settling in beautifully ??I wasn't truly happyBut nobody could seeToo many things were happeningAnd just upsetting meIt wasn't just the kids at playAlthough they were quite loudThe other dog was in...

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“Thank you Pawprints from Pablo and us. If you’re reading and thinking of giving a dog a forever home….PLEASE do”


“We found working with Pawprints Dog Rescue to be excellent.  The volunteers really get to know the dogs well and help the potential adopters with all aspects of adoption and care for the dog”