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Adoption Day for Rascal

Hi –this is Rascal – just to tell you about my adventures in my new home. It’s a lot different from a racing track and kennels – I have 3 sofas and an armchair to choose where to sleep. I have learnt that the warmest place to lie down is on the mat in front of the Aga...

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Adoption Day for Walter

Hi all Walt's here. I just wanted to let all my friends and family at Pawprints know I am doing well in my new home. My new skin mum and dad are taking good care of me, I am having a couple of walks a day to get to know the surrounding area, and pulling the girls....

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Adoption Day for Arwen

My name was Arwen when i arrived but my dad now calls me Winnie.  I have settled in brilliantly and my dad can’t imagine life without me already! I am very well behaved, daft as a brush (well thats what dad says) and sometimes quite mad (in a good way)! We walk twice...

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Adoption Day for Otto

Hi Its Otto here... “I’m onto a winner here! My new home has three hoomans who feed me, walk me and tickle me. I have my own place on the sofa with a warm fleece where I like to sleep and be snug. When I get the chance I try out the hooman chairs but they soon tell me...

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Adoption Day for Ella

Hi my names ella, so I ended up in this lovely place called pawprints dog rescue who looked after me and cared for me and showed me love and affection, then one day some other humans came to meet me and spent some time with me, I was very nervous at first but after...

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Adoption Day for Koba

My name is Koba and before Christmas i was adopted by my new dad, I am not the easiest or smallest of dogs but i am trying to be good and listening to my Dad and i am learning lots of new things.  I can get over excited by new things such as people, dog and especially...

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Adoption Day for Tito

Those naughty slaves at Pawprints have apparently been really busy moving kennels or something and did not update everyone on my big news that i got adopted (before xmas) so here is my original adoption post, finally... lol Hi, my new name is Buddy. I moved in with my...

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Adoption Day for Scamp

Hi I'm Scamp & was adopted by Judy & Chris, they sent my adoption post over a before xmas but the slaves at All as prints have been a bit busy so have only just posted it.... it's only just been over a week & I'm still trying to find my feet, my new home...

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Adoption Day for Delilah

I must admit i didn't make it easy for my adopters because i was a very nervous girl at kennels and it took a good few weeks, lots of visits with my new family and lots of sausages and chicken for me to trust them.  I had to make sure they were completely right for me...

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Adoption Day for Teddy

My name is Teddy and i have officially been adopted.  I met some lovely humans that came to play with me and then came back with another dog or me to play it and it was awesome.  Things then got better and they came back again and adopted me (even after i rolled in...

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“Thank you Pawprints from Pablo and us. If you’re reading and thinking of giving a dog a forever home….PLEASE do”


“We found working with Pawprints Dog Rescue to be excellent.  The volunteers really get to know the dogs well and help the potential adopters with all aspects of adoption and care for the dog”