If Pawprints wrote news stories they’d go something like this.

*Grumpy husky spends 379 days in shelter kennels and turns into the most affectionate boy earning him the nickname “Grandad” after taking all the other rescues into his care*

Thor, a 9 year old husky, was found as a stray in the borough of Rugby, at the beginning of March 2021. Initially, he was “grumpy and mardy” with the staff, and they had to tread carefully when handling him. But over time, became a different dog when in the company of other canines and turning into the doting “Grandad” to many of the other rescue dogs.

“Thor took over the care of some of our more human wary dogs that came into us” say the staff. ” He had endless patience and would encourage them to play and herd them over to us when out in the paddocks, so they would begin to interact with staff and volunteers. He even tutored a litter of pups that came in, and would spend endless amounts of time playing with them, chasing them and letting them chase him. They’d jump all over him, climb on his back, his head and all over and he absolutely adored it”.

In the time he has been with the dog rescue, he has helped scores of dogs find their confidence and through that, find their homes. But sadly, Thor was always overlooked. That is until a former adopter recognised his potential and offered to trial him as a foster at home.

Thor promptly emptied all of the kitchen cupboards for his fosterer, the first time she left him alone for 5 minutes, scattering cupboard contents all over the kitchen floor. He also managed to cover himself in barbeque sauce a few nights ago, resulting in a late night bath as he “absolutely stunk”.

Sadly, his fosterer failed to continue the trial before the end of the 2 week period as she had “utterly fallen in love with the grumpy Grandad”

**And so he was adopted**

Congratulations Grandad Thor. Who joins ex-PDR Treacle and another rescue girl. And massive hugs to your amazing Mum & Dad who cannot resist such an entertaining, funny, old softie. Can’t wait to hear the next chapter “What Thor Did Next!”