Breed: Large X Breed
Sex: Female
Age: Around 2/3 Years Old
Live with cats: No
Live with other dogs: No
Live with children: No

PLEASE NOTE : Xena is very nervous of men.

We will not be able to process any applications with resident children, dogs or cats.

Our current process is different during Covid-19 and you must live within 1 hour driving distance of Rugby, Warwickshire CV23

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About me & Home Requirements 

This gorgeous, sweet, loving, funny and beautiful girl is Xena. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
She is an angel. A Devil Angel. In fact, the Sterophonics wrote *that* song for her. *Allegedly*.
She loves to snuggle up to you, walk with you, play with you, lay with you, chill with you, train with you. She will love you til her last breath.
If you are female.
If you aren’t female. Don’t go within 10 feet of her. *Disclaimer* 10 feet is purely a made up figure. We suggest 1 mile to be extra sure.
Hate is a very strong word. But this girl knows all about Hate Male. Especially ones that wear high viz or trousers or shoes or caps or hats or clothes or have short, medium, long or no hair.
She will protect you from males completely. You never need worry about a man being too close under social distanced guidelines ever again. And not just at 2 metres. 100 metres is her safeguarding distance. And even then she’s already clocked HIM and knows there’s a threat.
And there’s no point in hiding behind that bus/lorry/20 storey building….She KNOWS where you are and probably already knows where you live. She will gender bash all day long. With no shame or guilt. She reminds me so much of a previous boss who would spend hours telling “her girls” what low life SOBs men are (hubby ran off with babysitter; 2nd one left her after 1 month; 3rd one didn’t become 3rd one cos she was jilted at the alter; last I heard she was living on a women only Kibbutz somewhere). I think something similar has happened to Xe as she shares this venomous hatred. She has tried to contact the same Kibbutz but they didn’t reply so she assumes there is now a male in charge. (See also: Misandry).
So when she spots a human male she will crouch low, eyes fully focused and locked on her target, low and long growls combined with a full spine of hackles. Step one foot closer and she will lunge/bark very loudly and you will know that your card is marked forever and you must now leave this county you called home for so many years. Farewell. For this reason, we suggest females apply that never want a male companion at all, ever, forever, and if there is the slightest doubt that you may allow a special male into your life, do not adopt Xena. Because there’s only one way that will end. And divorce is so costly nowadays.
If you’ve read this far and think you can live with a man-fearing/hating dog. Then you are in for a treat!
This dog is ultra-special. She desperately wants you to love her and does whatever she can to make you happy. She will be TERRIFIED of a single feather that stirs in the breeze and spend up to 75 hours checking it out, circling it, sniffing the air until JUST as she’s about to put her nose on it, it will lift slightly off the ground sending her running….Xena the Warrior Princess this girl is NOT.
OMG MUM MUM did you SEE that as a long blade of grass suddenly comes to life in a gust of wind….RUN MUM QUICK!
She has the most expressive face; you don’t need to be able to read her body as it’s written all over her face like a book. And those beautiful eyes, a tail that wags her entire body, the way she wants to ingratiate herself with you….well it’s just amazing. And the zoomies are something else!
♥️♥️♥️I absolutely love her to bits♥️♥️♥️
If you have come this far and need a dog to make you laugh, fill that hole in your life and are prepared to lose all connections with your Grandfather, Father, Brother, Son, etc etc JUST CALL ME NOW …. your LIFELONG BEST FRIEND FOREVER is right here. (The right male will win her over, overseen with us but must be willing to take everything slowly).
“Rescues make you jump through hoops to get a dog from them nowadays”.
Houl yer whisht. In our line of duty we know, you know 😁


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All animals at Pawprints Dog Rescue are:

  • Vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea’d and neutered OR adopted under a neutering contract
  • Come with 4 weeks free PetPlan insurance
  • Each dog is individually assessed to determine which type of home they require.


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