Mrs Muggles

Name: Mrs Muggles
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Female
Age: Around 2 – 3 Years Old
Live with Cats : Under assessment 
Live with Dogs : Under assessment 
Live with Children: Under assessment

About me

I have just arrived at Pawprints Dog Rescue and am a little poorly.

When she first came in, i had polyps in my ears and my ear canals were so narrow, vets couldn’t even see into the canals at all. I have had an initial course of steroids to reduce the inflammation and on return to vets, was giving gel and further steroids. The vets have now managed to see into canal and sadly it is not great news.

It is most likely that I will require surgery on my left ear to remove the walls of the ear canal. It is possible that the same surgery may be required on the right side too, but at the moment it is hoped that the current course of treatment and possibly some more steroids after vaccinations are complete, will be enough to get the right side settled.

I have had a second lot of gel put in her ear and has had apoquel prescribed. The apoquel is to help reduce me head shaking as vets fear that the more i shake and scratches the more likely it is to get a burst blood vessel. The shaking could be aggravating the inner ear and adding to the swelling issues bu they hurt so its difficult to stop.

I will return to vets again next week where a definite course of action will be put into place.

Sadly, this means that i am being withdrawn from the adoption process for the foreseeable future until we can get my ears sorted. The Slaves suspect this is the reason for me being abandoned but i am in safe and loving hands and i know i will get all the medical attention i need to help me to start to fell better. X

Home requirements

Until I my ears are sorted i am not looking for a home, once i am feeling better i will let everyone know what home i am looking for. 

All animals at Pawprints Dog Rescue are:

  • Vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea’d and neutered OR adopted under a neutering contract
  • Come with 4 weeks free PetPlan insurance
  • Each dog is individually assessed to determine which type of home they require


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