Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Female
Age: Around 4 1/2 Years Old
Live with cats: NO
Live with other dogs: NO
Live with children: NO

PLEASE NOTE : Margot is reactive to other dogs and must be walked on a lead at all times

We will not be able to process any applications with resident cats or dogs or children

Our current process is different during Covid-19 and you must live within 1 hour driving distance of Rugby, Warwickshire CV23

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About me & Home Requirements 

“There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the centre of her forehead, when she was good, she was very good indeed, but when she was bad she was……”

A little sh*t.
🤩Margot 😍🥰🤩– the equivalent to a small girl child that never outgrew the tantrums she was rewarded for. Stuck always in the “terrible two’s” this girl will happily be your companion for life. Providing you overlook a few small issues.
Her. She is the small issue.
She is actually perfect in most ways, fully housetrained, loves cuddles on the sofa, loves travelling in the car, loves exploring outdoors, loves food, loves treats, sweet, energetic, lazy, amazing companion, your best friend forever. BUT there is another side to her, an evil twin lurking in the background ready to pounce.
Margot HATES the sight of other dogs. She can spot them from a mile away, scent them from six miles away and has an inbuilt SatNav that acts like a magnet towards them. She doesn’t differentiate between a small dog or one that looks more like its crossed with a pony. She doesn’t care if that dog LOVES other dogs and “just wants to play”. She really does not want to play. What she wants to do is unmentionable 😱 . She truly means what she says and it’s a very impolite way of saying “back off”. So, when we say she can’t live with another dog, what we actually mean is:
She absolutely cannot live in sight nor sound of another dog; cannot walk where there are other dogs; and must always be on a lead in public. Always. Period. Full stop. End of.
Only that isn’t the end of it, as she also has another HATE and this manifests itself at the vets. In fact, before even arriving at the dreaded vets, Margot HAS to wear a muzzle 😷 . And her muzzle is specific to her face so its more akin to a gimp mask than an actual muzzle.

And so this is the Letter of the Law, guys, the LETTER of the Law…..
No dogs. No Neighbours dogs. Walk at 4am before any other dogs are up if there is a remote chance of seeing any. Apply Hannibal Lecter mask before setting off for vet appointment (even if its just a check over) and *NO* kids for all of the above reasons. She does not want to share you. You will belong to her. A slave for life to a toddler.
If you think you want a snoring, farting, dog hating, vet hating, loving, cuddling life companion and can comply with all the above, please get your people to call our people NOW, RIGHT AWAY, DON’T HESITATE and we can discuss further……..
“You make it impossible for us to adopt a dog”.
Holy Mother of God 🙄


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All animals at Pawprints Dog Rescue are:

  • Vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea’d and neutered OR adopted under a neutering contract
  • Come with 4 weeks free PetPlan insurance
  • Each dog is individually assessed to determine which type of home they require.



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