Breed: German Shepherd
Sex: Male
Age: Around 2 1/2 Years Old
Live with cats: No
Live with other dogs: No
Live with children: No

PLEASE NOTE : Hunter can be reactive to other dogs and must be walked on a lead at all times

We will not be able to process any applications with resident cats or dogs or children.

Our current process is different during Covid-19 and you must live within 1 hour driving distance of Rugby, Warwickshire CV23

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About me & Home Requirements 

This is the stunningly handsome long coated Hunter ♥️
OMG he is just a perfect specimen of a German Shepherd with that glossy long coat, alert attention, clear focused eyes and a tail that tells you how much he loves you. Only you. Only EVER you ♥️ Now please read on. This is not intended to cause offence. The word is Twit 😉
Hunter is a tw*t. He likes his own things such as toys, food, kennel space and he **absolutely-doesn’t-want-you-to-go-near-them**.
Hunter is a tw*t. He doesn’t like his lead or harness putting on or off and will close his mouth over your hand and hold you there until you distract him. There’s a certain intensity when he looks at you with your hand/arm/leg/whatever appendage happens to be available in his huge mouth. It kind of gives you a bit of an adrenalin rush.
Hunter is a tw*t. He doesn’t like strangers at all. He doesn’t like many people. He WILL protect you and if he gets very worried he will tell you by grabbing your hand/arm/leg/whatever appendage happens to be available in his huge mouth. Yep! There’s that rush of adrenalin pumping though your veins again! Wow this dog reaches physical reactions that Alton Towers haven’t yet tapped into.
Hunter can make ANYTHING become a toy that he can guard. See that tissue you just blew your nose in? OMG like it’s the best toy ever in the whole wide world but NO YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BACK IT’S NOW MINE.
Hunter is loyal. If he likes you BOY you are in for some full on German Shepherd love and protection. He will love you SO MUCH you probably won’t be allowed to share yourself with another human/dog/child/cuppa/TV/anyotherpetwhatsoever/your teddy/phone. All eyes will be on YOU wherever you go. So forget toileting, sleeping or bathing by yourself EVER again.
Hunter is the bravest dog of all. If you are on one side of a barbed wire fence and he is on the other, he would probably scale it in one go TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE STILL OK & in the event he rips himself open he thinks getting to you will be totally worth it. TOTALLY. He is prepared to DIE for you….unless you want his toy/perceived toy/food/want to put his lead or harness on or off/give anything else your attention.
Hunter has NEVER bitten anybody. He also hasn’t bitten a vet *yet* but Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Wee Donkey, he would bloody like to. He will allow a muzzle on though, which is always useful to keep the heads on of the vet/nurse who wants to look at that tiny little thorn in his very poorly paw.
And Hunter absolutely loves tummy rubs. They are the most amazingist thing in the world second only to food/toys/HIS space/You/You/Youandnobodyelsebutyou.
If you have a gaping, massive, humongous hole in your life, live like a hermit, don’t want to touch his toys/perceived toys/food/lead/harness etc etc, perhaps live in outer-mongolia with the nearest neighbour being 2 (hundred) miles away AND have access to a dart gun you can use to simply and effectively sedate him for ANY type of medical procedure; then for the love of God call me immediately I will meet you in 5 minutes.
“It’s so hard to adopt a rescue dog these days”
It’s so much harder to find the right home 😉

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All animals at Pawprints Dog Rescue are:

  • Vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea’d and neutered OR adopted under a neutering contract
  • Come with 4 weeks free PetPlan insurance
  • Each dog is individually assessed to determine which type of home they require.

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