Name: Bella
Breed: Pug X
Sex: Female
Age: Around 10 Years Old
Live with Cats : Not Assessment
Live with Dogs : No
Live with Children: Yes Over 9 years Old

About me

My Name is Bella and i am a Pug X

I am very energetic for a 10 year old and am looking for an active home where i can get lots of walks but i also like my cuddles as well.

I can sit, give my paw and lie down and an happy to learn new tricks as long as there is a tasty reward.

I would prefer to be in a home on my own so i can get all the love and attention i deserve.

Home requirements

I am looking for a home with humans that enjoy walking and i love to be outside.

I would like to be with my humans so i would prefer a home where i am left for no more that 3-4 hours, can have access to the sofa for cuddles and a nice garden to run around in.

I am a little plump at the moment so i need to loose a few pounds and i need my new humans to watch my waistline and not let me gie in to temptation.


Have you fallen in love?

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