A message from our Founder:

New guidance has been agreed by DEFRA, CFSG & ADCH, on reintroducing rehoming of dogs. This was so important to us, as we have taken in so many dogs during the lockdown which effectively doubled our numbers. We had got to the point where we may have had to close intake which would have had detrimental consequences for those dogs that had served their 7 days in local pounds. With so many local rescues closed for intake, we have not been able to find space within an hour radius (the current rule on transporting rescue dogs) and were discussing what we would do should our numbers go over the limit agreed in the constraints of financial implications, at the beginning of lockdown. With no fundraising income, no government grant as an animal charity and no rehoming fees incoming, we anticipated having less than 5 months financial capacity before facing our demise. This is a situation echoed by most animal charities across the country.

The DEFRA guidance effectively allowed us to deliver dogs to adopters. What it doesn’t allow is for us to visit homes to carry out our interviews and home visits, or allow potential adopters to meet the dogs at the kennels. We have worked very hard to find a way of addressing these issues. We decided that our easier to rehome dogs that could be matched with easier homes (experienced dog owners/no kids/cats etc) could work. We ran trials on virtual homechecks and would like to thank all potential adopters for allowing us to do live video feeds from their homes/gardens and with the members if their households. We then invited them to meet the dogs via video and discuss their needs going forward. The next stage was to do a live meet. This was planned to be done in their own gardens and was to be conducted by our behaviourist, Leonie who would adhere to social distancing measures and not enter the house, only oversee the meet in the garden.



We also decided that instead of putting adoption papers in place straight away, we would place dogs in foster for 2 weeks prior to arranging electronic adoption agreements and fees.

All of this means we can continue to meet the rise in demands on our services, pound dogs in our area will have a place of safety to go to at the end of their 7 days, dogs whose owners have sadly passed away also have a place of safety and others who need a haven due to issues in the home (domestic violence, cruelty, abuse etc).

We can assure everyone, we are in constant contact with our new rehomes and receiving the most heartwarming pictures and updates. Once we have been granted permission to share some of these updates, we will post them on group.

This new way of rehoming is extremely time consuming and has taken many hours of telephone conversations, as well as the additional demands on transporting dogs. I would like to thank our very small but excellent team behind making this happen. Your dedication to our dogs has never faltered, and to fellow rescuers, our ADCH advisors and others who have taken the time to check in almost daily to provide a whole network of support and laughter.

And finally, thanks to all of you for supporting us through this awful time. Your encouragement, faith and donations have been incredible. We will continue until our last breath to save as many as we can.

Stay Safe and enjoy the photos of the dogs in their new homes.