I haven’t been here long and I am really very lucky to have found a home so quickly. I think it’s because I have a finely tuned singing voice that makes me sound like an Angel or a world class opera singer. I like to sing my song when it’s breakfast time, dinner time, tea time, supper time….I sing for my supper!
Some of the slaves said I sounded like a squeaky toy though! How rude is that?! They obviously have had no education in classical singing is all I can think.
I want to say to everyone that there are some dogs that have been at the shelter a VERY long time. They just need a chance, a final bid for stardom. So I’ve taught them all how to sing and made them part of an epic choir The Bark Choir (not to be confused with The Bach Choir who aren’t as good, and can’t reach my pitch). All I can say is get down to Pawprints quick before they are discovered by that talent scout, Simon Howell!
My legacy to all as I am now ‘dopted!
My yappy ever after!
Brucie X