Those naughty slaves at Pawprints have apparently been really busy moving kennels or something and did not update everyone on my big news that i got adopted (before xmas) so here is my original adoption post, finally… lol

Hi, my new name is Buddy. I moved in with my family just over a week ago. I spend a lot of time cuddling up to mum and dad on their couch, though I can be very wriggly. They laugh at me sometimes when I have fun chasing my tail on the couch between them. I love my new garden and toys. I love going out for walks, but get so excited I forget to listen to mum and dad sometimes. I get treats when I’m out on a walk, when I don’t bark at cars and people. Though I’m still learning not to bark at other dogs and jump up at them when we’re out walking. I just get too excited to listen and find the treat in their hand. I’m a good boy in the house and have learned to sit and wait for my meals. I slept in the kitchen in my own basket when I first arrived. Mum and dad now leave me asleep on the couch when they go to bed. Lots of Love and Licks Buddy (was Tito)