Hi Its Otto here… “I’m onto a winner here! My new home has three hoomans who feed me, walk me and tickle me. I have my own place on the sofa with a warm fleece where I like to sleep and be snug. When I get the chance I try out the hooman chairs but they soon tell me ‘off’ which I mostly obey! I am sorry for chewing the box of tissues and biting off the nose of the mouse on the stairs but they shouldn’t have been left in my reach! The female hooman lets me watch her cook and sometimes she might give me a few bits of carrot or broccoli if I sit nicely. I love my walks and there are lots of smells to keep my nose busy. I think my new family love me already as they seem pleased to see me every morning. I will do my best to be a good dog.” Lots of Love and Licks Otto. x